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Sanitize For Your Protection

with an EPA Approved Plant-Based Solution

Help fight off viruses, bacteria, and everyday germs in your 

home, church, office, business, school, or nursery

with a safe and effective fogging, sanitizing, and a few tips

to keep it clean and better indoor air quality.

Respokare N95 Respirator Plus for added protection.

It is recommended that Cold-EEZE ,  Zinc Lozenges, and ZICAM nasal swabs are meant to be used at first onset of symptoms.

It has also been said that Pepcid OTC can help with COVID-19:

We take precautions for all of our customers.  

We are fully vaccinated and wear a mask on all jobs.


Respokare, N/95 Respirator Plus, is the latest mask that supposedly offers better protection than the standard N/95 masks and is NIOSH approved.  This mask is not as comfortable to wear, but is the best for protection.  The box can currently be found at Lowes in a box of 5 for $19.00 (only in medium) but we could not find it at  You can get them at a copy of places online.  This mask runs small but you can order them in large online at the following sites:

or a little more expensive but you can also find them at:

Newsweek has additional information on this mask.

Fogging Solution is 99.9% effective killing germs

Product information:  EPA Reg.

Virucidal*Bactericidal*Fungicidal*Tuberculocidal in 5 minutes

Antimicrobial * Hospital Disinfectant * Deodorizer * Decontaminant. Broad Spectrum Kills 99.99% of Germs.

It is a plant based, EPA approved product that uses essential oils to kill bacteria and viruses.